From: Travis Turner (
Date: 03/20/00

I recently added Oasis OLC version 2.0 to my mud (using a more or less stock
Circle 3 bpl 15).  I kept it in place now for about 3 weeks and had only minor
problems that I was able to correct....until now at least.  Two days ago, I
added two (or maybe four since I did them twice) wear positions (ankles and
ears) and recompiled with no problems until I tried to use oedit.  At this
point, the mud would crash/reboot EVERY time I used oedit.  After spending a
couple hours trying to figure out where I went wrong, I located something in
oasis.h that defined the max number of wear positions and, since it didn't match
the entry I changed in structs.h for number of wear positions, I changed it to
match and recompiled.  Now oedit works again, but instead of fixing my problem
it merely seems to move the problem as now the mud crashes/reboots every time I
use medit.  Just to test, I commented out all references to the new wear
positions and recompiled and all the pieces of Oasis work again.  I'm sure its
just something stupid I'm overlooking, but I'm still relatively a coding newbie
and I'm clueless as to where it is.  Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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