Re: NEWBIE: OLC Problem

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/20/00

        (try to format your mesage to 80 cols before you send next time)

> I recently added Oasis OLC version 2.0 to my mud (using a more or less
> stock Circle 3 bpl 15).  I kept it in place now for about 3 weeks and
> had only minor problems that I was able to correct....until now at
> least.  Two days ago, I added two (or maybe four since I did them twice)
> wear positions (ankles and ears) and recompiled with no problems until I
> tried to use oedit.  At this point, the mud would crash/reboot EVERY
> time I used oedit.  After spending a couple hours trying to figure out

        On a hunch, i'd say you messed up. :)

        Okay, first, do realize that it's a slightly difficult job to add
new wear positions.  Especially when they're like rings which have 1
position but can occupy two different eq positions.

        Second, we need a bit more info before we can really make any sort
of helpful comments.  Which OS was this on? Did you get a core file if it
was unix and if so, what does the backtrace look like?  It might be
helpful (since you have a bohr-bug) to simply run the program through the
debugger and crash it deliberately to examine the state.

        Also, did it crash immediately on oediting a thing, or after you
selected the "worn on" menu?

        In the meanwhile, since you seem like a brave enough sort to have
tried to play with things before asking for help, I'll give a few commonly
missed things you might experiment with:

        Forgot to add name to name array (usually in constants.c)
        Forgot to increment macros   (like NUM_WEARS)
        Added pos in a place other than the end of the pos's, bumping some
previously existing wear pos's to new (messed up) positions.
        Incorrectly duplicated finger (ring) position if you're adding a
wear pos that is 2 pos represented by 1 pos.


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