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Date: 03/23/00

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>> I recently added Oasis OLC version 2.0 to my mud (using a more or less
>> stock Circle 3 bpl 15).  I kept it in place now for about 3 weeks and
>> had only minor problems that I was able to correct....until now at
>> least.  Two days ago, I added two (or maybe four since I did them twice)
>> wear positions (ankles and ears) and recompiled with no problems until I
>> tried to use oedit.  At this point, the mud would crash/reboot EVERY
>> time I used oedit.  After spending a couple hours trying to figure out

>Second, we need a bit more info before we can really make any sort
>of helpful comments.  Which OS was this on? Did you get a core file if it
>was unix and if so, what does the backtrace look like?  It might be
>helpful (since you have a bohr-bug) to simply run the program through the
>debugger and crash it deliberately to examine the state.

It's on Linux 6.1...however, I didn't think to check the core file (showing my
status...) and now I appear to have the problem discussed earlier with the OS
creating a I need to talk to my sysadmin.  Anyways....

> Also, did it crash immediately on oediting a thing, or after you
>selected the "worn on" menu?

It crashes immediately after typing oedit 0000 (or whatever number)...the same
with medit.

>        Forgot to increment macros   (like NUM_WEARS)

This was my problem originally....but I thought I fixed it.  I'll grep for
just to make sure though.

>Added pos in a place other than the end of the pos's, bumping some
>previously existing wear pos's to new (messed up) positions.

I think I did do this....which leads me to another question.  I'd like my ear
wear position to
appear high on the list (very near the top...under light, maybe?).  How do you
do that if
you can't rearrange the pos?  Or is it just a matter of making sure the
positions are
rearranged EVERYWHERE?

>Incorrectly duplicated finger (ring) position if you're adding a
>wear pos that is 2 pos represented by 1 pos.

Honestly, I had no idea how to do the two positions represented by 1 after
several failed attempts at it, I created two wear positions (left ear and right

Thanks a lot for the help so far.


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