Re: NEWBIE: OLC Problem

From: Del (
Date: 03/23/00

I show what area's can be changed to view it how ever you want (without
of editing or changing all previous objects).
Also shows where to add in lines for second positions such as wrists and
No program is needed to show the objects in what ever order you want.
Only the display needs to be changed. Not the object position numbers.

Da' Kool Cat wrote:
>   Oh no! But then you have to do the tedious job of changing each and every
> object!  Although you "could" make a program to filter through the object
> files and increase ITEM_WEAR_X numbers, I believe a patch on the FTP
> (something along the lines of new_do_eq?) will be much better suited.
>   Makes it a LOT easier when you add more wear positions :)
>   Regarding the 2 positions for one type issue, go by the ring and wrist
> examples (they pop up a few times in the code, like when wearing equipment
> or auto-equiping on certain muds).

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