[OLC] mob_proto (long)

From: Deja Augustine (PraetorXI@aol.com)
Date: 03/23/00

Okay, I'm not sure if this has been addressed before or not, but I've been
hunting through the archives without much luck, so I figured I'd chance
::cringe:: posting to the list...(actually, I don't care about getting
flamed...I know I'm not that much of a newbie, I don't care what anyone else

Anyway, here's the question:

I've recently edited the P-File structures (i.e., char_file_u, char_data,
descriptor_data, etc.) to accomadate the creation point system I implemented.
 I converted the player file and everything seems to be working

This has led to an interesting problem I had not forseen:  MEDIT spits out a
series of errors whenever any of the builders attempt to edit an existing

Here's what I get when I try to edit a mob I had written prior to the changes:

[ GenOLC: Mob #1 has an invalid long description. ]
[ GenOLC: Mob #1 has an invalid detailed description. ]
[ GenOLC: Mob #1 has an invalid alias list. ]
[ GenOLC: Mob #1 has an invalid short description. ]
-- Mob Number:  [10001]
1) Sex: neutral          2) Alias: An undefined string.
3) S-Desc: An undefined string.
4) L-Desc:-
An undefined string.5) D-Desc:-
An undefined string.6) Level:       [   0],  7) Alignment:    [   0]
8) Hitroll:     [   0],  9) Damroll:      [   0]
A) NumDamDice:  [   0],  B) SizeDamDice:  [   0]
C) Num HP Dice: [   0],  D) Size HP Dice: [   0],  E) HP Bonus: [    0]
F) Armor Class: [   0],  G) Exp:     [        0],  H) Gold:  [       0]
I) Position  : Dead
J) Default   : Dead
K) Attack    : hit
Q) Quit

I can't figure out what the problem is....I've added the necessary
declarations in db.c so that mob_proto is properly updated, and I can't
figure out what the problem is...

Any aid would be much appreciated...


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