Re: [OLC] mob_proto (long)

From: Fizal (
Date: 03/24/00

At 11:32 AM 24/3/2000 Malaysia, you wrote:
>Here's what I get when I try to edit a mob I had written prior to the
>[ GenOLC: Mob #1 has an invalid long description. ]
>[ GenOLC: Mob #1 has an invalid detailed description. ]
>[ GenOLC: Mob #1 has an invalid alias list. ]
>[ GenOLC: Mob #1 has an invalid short description. ]

There's 2 possibilities that I can see:
1. the strings (and maybe other info) weren't read in properly from the files.
2. info from mob_proto[] wasn't copied properly into the temp struct.

However, once the mud is up and you log in, can you see the mob's desc and
does statting the mob give the correct info? If these are okay, then it's
not the first possibility.

Try looking at the part of the codes that transfer/copy the info from
mob_proto[] to the temp struct for editting. Since you changed some of the
char structs, it might just caused the copying process to go wacko.

I'm still using Oasis1.6 so I can't really tell you where you should look.



Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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