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Date: 03/25/00

On Sat, 25 Mar 2000 17:04:32 +0800 Fizal <> writes:
> Here are some of the things that entered my mind:
> 1. How would the player acquire the skills to do their jobs? Do they
> to spend prac sessions (or some other form of points) to get the skills
> required?

You pose some very good questions, that I'll answer with my current view,
and anyone else, feel free to join in and toss in your two cents.  This
is a very good idea right here, one that I hadn't thought of - I could
make a SKILL_WORKING (generic one) that has the players 'working skills'
and make it a special case(it only increases maybe 5-10% per practice
session used), and that could effect their salary raise(if a number(0,
200) is greater than their skill, no raise, if it's less than their
skill/2 then pay drop).

> 2. How would the player go about doing their jobs? You were thinking of
> having a room and let the player do a "job" command in it. Will the
> be in the room for the next 6-8 mud hours performing his job or until
> job is completed? If the player is a healer/doctor and no one comes to
> clinic, will he still be considered working? What about
> that requires a few days/weeks to complete something?  What if they
> something but never did get around to finish it?  Another thing, are
they allowed
> to do other things while working like sorting out their eq?

Well, I would probably make a new position, such as POS_WORKING that
would probably be next after POS_STANDING so they wouldn't be able to use
any player commands(except perhaps say, tell, etc.).  And the only large
flaw I can see in this is that the player would be able to walk away from
his computer for the MUD hours while working, unless I required it to be
interactive(i.e. player walks into store, says, "I'd like to buy a loaf
of bread please.", and then player has to say "x gold coins" and take the
money, then give the other player the bread - only problem I see with
THIS is that the player can charge whatever they want("Oh, for you, Mr.
Person I Don't Like, that'll be 50000 gold coins.  Oh hey Bob, want some
bread?  Give me 5 coins." - perhaps make salary based on daily income of
store?).  And as long as they are in the CON/POS_WORKING state, it'd be
considered working, even if nobody came.

> 3. What would the players need to do the job, in terms of
> Assuming that a stove, pots and pans are already in the room, if a
> wants to cook "floating meatpie in brown sauce", what would he need?

I think it would be assumed that all the items necessary to perform the
job's tasks would be in the room/building the player is in and they would
automatically fetch them to do it, because anything else would be *VERY*
difficult to get to work.

> 4. What would the output of the job be? Healers/doctors are easy since
> just heal people. A fishermen will end up with a fish or two. What
> tailors or carpenters? What would they get when they finish?

Well, since their job is to make & sell clothes to other people, I may
require them to 'make' clothes(based on material in the room), but the
overall outcome would be them getting money.

> 5. How would having jobs benefit them overall? Okay, it's a way to get
> But, if a player is a healer/doctor, can't he use his skills
> combat? Or if he's a hunter, can't he help track and set up traps to
> the enemies? Or can't the chef make something edible from the raw meat
> the hunter got from god knows where?

Those are all possibilities - for instance, the healer/doctor would know
first aid, possibly as part of their SKILL_WORKING, and hunters could get
a combat bonus, and the chef would be able to "cook" the food.

> 6. Why would players go for it? Half of the players that logs in
> have the word "KILL" in bright neons in their mind. They get easily
> off by complexity. However, the other half will try out anything that
> deem interesting. The question is: would they find it interesting?

Since my MUD is going to be role playing(don't know how much Star Trek
role players I'll find, but I would love to have an RP Trek game), I'm
trying to move away from hack'n'slash, since that's not the ideals that
Trek is based on.

What do you guys think?

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