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From: George Greer (
Date: 03/25/00

On Fri, 24 Mar 2000, Tony Robbins wrote:

>I currently have a version of "OLC+" (the term basically refers to
>whatever OLC I have in, I guess) which is based on Oasis 2.0.  It uses the
>GenOLC features and simulates obuild in interface, but IMHO is cleaner
>(but then again, I wrote it, so I'm biased).  I was contemplating
>releasing it, but don't feel the need for a couple of reasons.

Had wanted to do that, as evidenced by the GenOLC stuff in the first place.

>The first, is that there's a bug.  At least, one bug that I've had the
>time to investigate; there's a post about it in the archives.  Basically,
>I don't have it so that the strings are updated on each object or mobile
>when it is edited, so I have a "memory leak" with the desired side effect
>of leaving older items alone, until a reboot or a reload.  At least, from
>memory, that's how I recall the bug working.

It'll cause you to crash, really.  CircleMUD will free() strings of an
object that is being destroyed unless they point to the prototype.  Since
you've changed the prototype string and all the old objects share one
string now...

>The second, is it's really difficult to maintain a released package, and I
>am leaning more and more away from that type of distribution, at least in
>patch form.  This ties in to some of the newbie-coder debates that have
>heated up as of late, but essentially comes down to the fact that I think
>people should attempt to think out and design how their MUD works at least
>partially on their own[1].

Or you could stick it in OasisOLC itself. You could even maintain it if you
like. :)

>1 - I really don't want to get people flaming how it was just recently.
>I'm stating where I stand on the issue in respect to my code and how/if it
>is released.

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