Re: OLC+/Other Stuff

From: Brandon Bennett (
Date: 03/25/00

What is the current status of OLC?  Is it dead as Georege works on other
projects?  Alot of the OLC 2.0 code looks to be incomplete and unorganized.
I would like to see mabey a team of people to work on Oasis and Obuild to
put them together in harmony adding other patches as we go (aedit, hedit,
etc)  Sorta like what OLC+ did for us but more complete and have a team to
work on it.  And mabey once we turn out this final project we could start to
work on reworking the Circle Code into a new level and a new distrobution.

Don't get me wrong i love circle the way it is and it will still have it's
uses even after circle "clones" come out.  Just that there is an oppurtunity
to make some correction.  But i will quit blabbering cause i am getting
ahead of myseft.

So if you are interested in reworking twords a new OLC for circle e-mail me
and we'll see if we can get a team of 4+ members and get a codin.

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