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From: George Greer (
Date: 03/25/00

On Sat, 25 Mar 2000, Brandon Bennett wrote:

>What is the current status of OLC?

CircleMUD doesn't have OLC.  OasisOLC is fine though.

>Is it dead as Georege works on other projects?

Define dead.

Certainly I haven't made patches for it against the newest releases of
CircleMUD, but that shouldn't be a problem.  I make patches and mark what
release it's intended to patch to.  If you want to patch to a newer
release, you'll need to do it by hand, or take the old code, patch Oasis,
and then do the CircleMUD patches.

OasisOLC works pretty well for being such a large reorganization of the
code.  There's a bunch of things in
named like "oasis-#", where 1 <= # <= 12.

Of the things I need to fix, 2 are minor issues, and 1 is a crash bug.
The crash bug isn't a bug in Oasis itself but is due to a change to the
CircleMUD code to fix a different bug.

>Alot of the OLC 2.0 code looks to be incomplete and unorganized.

Pardon?  The only thing I didn't do was documentation.  The code is
organized such that you can write your own OLC interface if you don't like
the Oasis one.  That doesn't mean the code is "done" because I know I have
things I want to change, but it's not incomplete.

>I would like to see mabey a team of people to work on Oasis and Obuild to
>put them together in harmony adding other patches as we go (aedit, hedit,

One of the changes I mentioned above was to put the OBuild interface into
the Oasis code.  It's not been a high priority though.  I was going to add
aedit, hedit, etc. but it became too large of a fundamental change to the
CircleMUD code.

>Sorta like what OLC+ did for us but more complete and have a team to work
>on it.  And mabey once we turn out this final project we could start to
>work on reworking the Circle Code into a new level and a new

You're always free to send patches.  Currently CircleMUD has a could
niggles left we need to fix (and documentation to write), but there isn't
anything critical that needs to be fixed *now*.  Patchlevel 17 was the
reaction to a critical bug.

>So if you are interested in reworking twords a new OLC for circle e-mail me
>and we'll see if we can get a team of 4+ members and get a codin.

If you'd like to maintain OasisOLC, you're free to.  I mentioned a long
time ago that I would most likely not be maintaining it past around 2.0. If
you would like to, I'll put the last bit of fixes into it that I need to
and then you can have it.  That includes bug fixes and suggestions I've
received but not the OBuild interface.

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