Re: OLC+/Other Stuff

From: Christopher Daly (
Date: 03/28/00

> 2. How would the player go about doing their jobs? You were thinking
> of
> having a room and let the player do a "job" command in it. Will the
> player
> be in the room for the next 6-8 mud hours performing his job or until
> the
> job is completed? If the player is a healer/doctor and no one comes
> to his
> clinic, will he still be considered working? What about
> blacksmiths/engineers that requires a few days/weeks to complete
> something?

You should have player characters not actually work.  It's not
very feasible and sort of outside the boundaries of the game.
But owning a store run by a mobile...they would probably have
to spend some time in a management capacity.  The mob would
need to be paid.  They would need to restock and do the books.
(espescially if there was a tax agency :) )

Also instead of just hiring shopkeepers, maybe guards and thieftakers
could also offer their services.


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