Re: [off topic?] Requests for Source Code

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/28/00

>         Three times over the past two weeks, I have had people show up on
> my mud, create a character, look around and ask me for the source code to
> my mud. I don't know if the people are finding out about my mud from this
> list or if they are finding me from my mud connector listing. Just in case
> they are coming from here, I'm posting this here.

        >snipped a bit<

        This happens alot.  Even long time players eventually end up
asking for the source code - despite the total inexperience with
compilation, much less C code.  I've had to be particularly guarded,
considering that in a certain trio of other muds, there's alot of idea
copying that goes on.

        For those who are asked: Slap a plate down!

        For those asking: stop asking.

        And as far as licensing goes, the only type of license scheme out
there which gives anyone the right to take (without permission) your
modified code and use it forthemselves is the netscape/modified mozilla
developer license.  Even then, it only applies to Netscape Corp as a
whole, and other developers may not make any claims to your code.  (and
there's ways around it too).

        So, while it might be nice to provide patches and help, you are
under no obligation to do so.

        On the other hand, if your mud crashes & burns, or you lose
interest, you shouldn't hesitate to make the code (and world) available.
Chances are someone will eventually pick up _exactly_ where you left off -
many people who start muds don't have any experience to change them.
Think of it as living on through your posterity.


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