Re: [dg_scripts]

From: Josh Anderson (
Date: 03/25/00

> Now it all works, accept it doesn't attach the proper trigger. if its
> between >23 & <6 it will attach the proper trigger 7001, if its >7 & <10
> it attaches the proper trigger 7006, but for all other cases it keeps
> attaching 7006...

After a ten second glance I came up with something that *may* be the
problem, but I didn't take a real indepth look nor think too hard about it,
so I could be totally wrong too : )

>   if ((%time.hour% >= 23) || (%time.hour% < 6))
>    then
>     attach 7001 %captain_ID%
>   else
>   if ((%time.hour% > 7) & (%time.hour% < 10))

By using a plain 'else' here instead of an 'elseif' you're basically saying
that if the time doesn't meet the first criteria specified, it goes to an
'else' case, which is like a 'default' in a switch block and doesn't even go
through the rest of the 'if' cases.  Now, I'm no DG subject matter expert,
so if I'm screwy here somebody let me know : )

Josh Anderson

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