Re: Mobile-loading question

From: Alex (
Date: 03/27/00

> In your first suggestion, it will end up with a 3 1 2 combination
> which he described his current combo would fill to 4 0 2
I know that.  It was the best 'workaround' that I've found without
actually changing code though.  That is, the best without duplicating
the guards.

> I suggested to George to add in a possibility to have a max zone and
> max room flags also vice just max world.
For what?  Where would these be stored?  In the same line as the 'M'
flag?  If so, that's the general idea that I was suggesting later on.
The big problem with this is that it requires all of the Zone Files to
be checked (not just the ones that come with CM, but the ones that
everyone out there has been using for however long).  A simple perl
script could be doodled up to deal with it (without a problem), but
people would have to _really_ be told about this change.

As someone else mentioned, none of this should be stored _anywhere_ but
in the zone file (all reset data should be located in one place, elsewise
things begin to get rather unmanageable).


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