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Date: 04/01/00

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> We (the CircleMUD Development team, comprised of Jeremy Elson, George
> Greer, Daniel Koepke, and Alex Fletcher) have been in discussions with the
> Electronic Arts gaming company for the last several weeks, and have
> concluded talks late last night (Friday March 31, 2000).  We will be
> signing a contract in San Diego this coming Friday (April 7, 2000) to
> begin work on an online graphical game designed to compete with such other
> games as EverQuest (tm), Ultima Online (tm), and Asheron's Call (tm).

May I be the first one to this list to chuckle whole-heartedly at those who
fell for this?
<chuckle, chuckle>

Hint:  Check your calendars.   :)~

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