[ADMIN] Important Announcement

From: Alex (furry@circlemud.org)
Date: 04/01/00

We (the CircleMUD Development team, comprised of Jeremy Elson, George
Greer, Daniel Koepke, and Alex Fletcher) have been in discussions with the
Electronic Arts gaming company for the last several weeks, and have
concluded talks late last night (Friday March 31, 2000).  We will be
signing a contract in San Diego this coming Friday (April 7, 2000) to
begin work on an online graphical game designed to compete with such other
games as EverQuest (tm), Ultima Online (tm), and Asheron's Call (tm).

The CircleMUD team was contacted just under two months ago after the body
of work came to the attention of an EA project Manager after being
featured in a New York Times article on online gaming. The CircleMUD
project is an open source, not for profit game derived from DikuMud, and
currently is considered one of the most bug free game source projects

After six weeks of discussion, the two groups have finally come to an
agreement for the new game project.  Unfortunately, this will mean that
the CircleMUD project will soon be coming to an end, and we will be
looking for members of the CircleMUD community who are interested and
willing to take over the plethora of code and support needs of the system.

The expected release date for the new game project, currently titled Gates
of Hadron, is Spring 2001.

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