Re: [ADMIN] Important Announcement

From: Dan Merillat (
Date: 04/02/00

> my opinion) fiascos of EQ/UO/AC, all of which I've watched with a wary eye (I
> was even in on the EQ beta) ever since they started, I'm happy to see a group
> like you folks being offered a hand in to show them how things should be
> done.  I am extremely excited for you guys and am greatly looking forward to
> the release of this product.

Well, so far each graphical MUD has been better then it's predesessor...
so here's to hoping you guys continue the trend.

(And yes, I've played them all.   AC is the first one to approach
the level of interest MUDs have held for me...  I'll be sure to
try yours when it comes out.)


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