From: Edward J Glamkowski (eglamkowski@angelfire.com)
Date: 04/02/00

Phew!  the ftp site is back to normal - good
April Fool's joke guys :)

I missed last year's so I was taken in ;)
But the job offer I made to Chris and Tony
is still good (it was legit)!

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like
there are quite a few calls to extract_obj()
where right before making that call, there is a
call to obj_from_xxx() and that obj_from_xxx()
call is superfluous as extract_obj() makes the
appropriate obj_from_xxx() call.

Specifically, we have get_check_money()
in act.item.c, reset_zone() in db.c, and
mag_materials() in magic.c that all do this.

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