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From: George Greer (
Date: 04/02/00

Thank you all.  We had an excellent April 1st.  We haven't had this much
fun in a long time.  Yes, it's truly a lie.

Due to response, we think it would be extremely neat if we actually were
doing what the announcement said, but we're still around and not actually
working for EA in any way shape or form.  They were simply a plausibility
booster since they're into the online games. If EA (or other) really does
want to hire us, call and we'll see. We apologize to any international
people who don't celebrate April Fool's day but really recommend you start,
it's a blast.

Congratulations go to Alex Fletcher for pulling this out of nowhere so
fast. A hearty round of applause to Daniel Koepke who almost had *me*
believing that it was true with his messages.  You can blame me for the FTP
site stunt.  All the files were just moved into /pub/CircleMUD/.fool/ to
keep them hidden.  Jeremy was away from his computer all day so don't blame
him for anything.

To anyone who wanted to help out with CircleMUD, you're still free to do
so, but we'll still be here to help out as well.

"Hadron" was pulled out of a random dictionary attack and means, "any of a
class of subnuclear particles, including the baryons and mesons, that
interact strongly and are thought to be made up of quarks: this class forms
the basis of an alternative system to the boson-fermion classification
system."  My dictionary may be old so it could be updated.

To summarize, thanks, and HaHa! :)

George Greer

(Just wait for next year! We have a great, subtle idea.)

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