From: Lars Peter Andersen (
Date: 04/06/00

Do anyone know of any snippets about adding a remort function to the MUD ?

I just want to make everything sure. So i don't have to re- and re- and recompile and ask what's wrong now. But I'm not asking for a full scr, just some snippets or something to get into what the codes actually does in the MUD.

I have downloaded the manual of running a mud, constructing the mud and how to code some simple areas into the mud. I have also read about how to ad new spells and skills.

If I should read something with coding in C, then I can tell you that I have read some,but it doesn't tell me much about the codes and what they do in the mud.

I don't have that much time at the internet ATM. But I hope in the near future it gets a lot cheaper. So I'm planning and building my MUD offline and trying to get as much knowledge as I can before I start up and compile so I don't have to ask all of you some simple FAQ's or WTFAQ's and get the mail back with a "RTFM" or "RTFC" or even better "Try the link below".

But sure I could read everything through. But that can take hours. And i don't have that much time. And if someone here knew the answer.

Why not tell where it could be found (if he / she wouln't like to share the info right away)?

I din't write this as a flame. Maybe I should subscribe to the WTFAQ-list also ?


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