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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/07/00

> If the snippet is not on or
> then chances are it is not out there.  Remort code can be easy, or it
> can be difficult. It all depends on what you want it to do.

        I have serious issues with the idea of 'remort'.  People get
excited by it, but can't ever seem to give me a clear description of what
it actually entails.  When I do hear about it though, it's usually one of
the two types;
        1.  Start at level 1 as a new class with all the abilities of
previous class(es).
        2.  Start at level 1 as a new class, previously not selectable
(ie, warrior -> paladin, thief->assassin,etc).

        I've played and coded for a while, and I can tell you #1 never
works.  It's too hard to balance.  Even increasing the exp requirements
for leveling, you end up with characters who level 3-4x faster than
normal, and can kill the previously 'impossible' mobs without effort.
THEN, you'll create mobs that are so high-stat that it's nearly impossible
to destroy; in order to give exp that allows them to continue to level at
the same rate - if you don't, people feel that they're too stagnant from
not leveling and will get pissed off.

        Now, #2 I've seen work. I don't have to go into detail - it's
simply a small step, easy to scale.

> You stated twice that you wanted to put everything in before compiling.
> This is a bad bad bad idea. If there is an error you would have
> to work with many snippets/additions to work with to figure it all out.
> One step at a time is the best way to go. (add, compile, test/debug)
> You might want to grab a C book, while you have little time, and go through
> it. Then when you get more time.. DIG IN!

        This is right, but I feel it left out a bit of emphasis.  The
emphasis should be "Do not attempt a complicated code project unless you
know enough about programming and the program you're attempting to alter
to at least recoginize the scope of it."

        In short form, if you can't program, don't.

        Learn how, and then tackle it.  That having been said, here is a
sure way to cut your own throat;

        This is something titled 'remort snippet' as of Aug 12'th 1998.
It's a quick way to find things using the search functions from I looked it over and whether the code works or
not, it is pretty incomplete.  Even without knowing what you're
specifically refering to as 'remort' I can tell you that it won't work
like you want/expect.  It also has no 'automatic', or character-controlled

        I recommend NOT using this, though not because of it's
incompleteness, but because you indicate that you don't have the ability
to fill in the small holes.

        Sorry to sound pessimistic, but you need to learn to program

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