Re: [NEWBIE] More explanation about IDNUM = 0

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/07/00

> > I have a bug in my MUD that crash it (I don't know what, yet). But >
> sometimes that the MUD crash, the log gives this message to some
> players:  > "SYSERR: init_char: Character 'Johnny' not found in player
> table.". The guy > get the login, but from this moment, his IDNUM get 0.
> > I have changed the command SET IDNUM to allow change IDNUM of players,
> > so I see the old IDNUM in the player backup file and I change the
> IDNUM = 0 > to old IDNUM.  > This is a good way to resolve this problem?
> There are another way?

> Well, one would guess, that you really should figure out why the player
> corruption occures in the first place.  I would suggest using a debugger
> (gdb w/ddd perhaps) and placing break points and watches on variables.

        I'm going to agree with Michael here - You're fixing the symptom
of the problem and not the problem itself.  I'd first check and figure out
why it's doing this.

IMPORTANT PART HERE ----------------------------------------
Usually things like this pop up if you make changes to the pfile structs
and don't wipe the pfiles.  If you're already running off this, your pfile
is screwed after the first char.  Time to wipe.

If you really can't figure out why it's doing this, you can always put a
setting in the code where it determines that the character is not found in
the player table, and use the code to assign the next new value.  I'll bet
that player names, descs, titles, sex, class, level, hometown, birth, etc
are messed up too.

        Now, I'm assuming that you have binary pfiles.  Because if you
don't, mentioning it probably would have been helpful.


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