[CODE]Re: Levels of immortality

From: Thomas Arp (t_arp@mail1.stofanet.dk)
Date: 04/11/00

>  So, I'm tring to implement 7 levels of immortality... At the beginning it
> was simple, only implement more levels, change the structs.h and... A BUG!
> After rise to the immortality, the char don't gain exp.. for exemple, if I'm
> a immortal(level 1 of immortality) with 1000 points of experience (IT'S AN
> EXEMPLE!) and I kill the Grand Mistress, my exp continue 1000 points... How
> can a change it?
Seems to me you are trying to make more mortal levels. After all, why would you
want your immortals to gain Experience from killing mobs ? Anyway, to change it,
look in limits.c for

void gain_exp

the first line checks for the lowest level not to gain experience (typically LVL_IMMORT)
from killing (or rather - at all :)

Change this to whatever you like... Remember, though, that immortal (ie. not-dying)
characters shouldn't run around hunting mobs for experience. I mean, why should they ?
They're already immortal. No monster however large it may be, can ever hope to defeat
even a puny level 1 immort, since he is just that - invoulnerable, and unkillable. If you
mean to make an "avatar" type player - with all spells and skills, but still mortal, the
changes needed are quite a bit more radical than the simple change above. If this is
the case, I'm afraid you'll have to get to know the code better, before trying to
implement it. To change the max level of gaining Xp is easy. Changing the whole level
structure is another matter entirely...

Welcor of Cruelworld - midnightrealm.org 4000

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