[CODE] Multiple dimension arrays & binary delimiters

From: Andrew Ritchie (ritchie@pacific.net.au)
Date: 04/11/00

Dear all,

I was wondering about two things, and thought I might bring them up with the
discussion list as I am not totally sure if they will work!

Firstly, can you have multiple dimension string arrays? For example

string bigarray[3][20][15];

So you could fill bigarray[3][0] with up to 14 characters, or
bigarray[2][19] also with up to 14 characters. Is this possible?

Lastly, how about having delimiters in large binary fields like player
descriptions? Is it possible to have a program which reads every in a binary
character, and if it's say an X, it stops, otherwise it appends that
character to the player's description? This way, player descriptions could
be as long or as short as wanted, without taking up unnecessary space.
Obviously a player couldn't have an X in their description :)

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Andrew Ritchie
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