Re: [CODE] Multiple dimension arrays & binary delimiters

From: Brandon Bennett (
Date: 04/12/00

What avantages does sql have over regular world/player files.  I remeber a
post on CeramicMouse about how SQL wouldn't work right in a MUD atmosphere.
But for some reason I am stuborn and probally will try to add SQL support to
my mud.   Any one want to help takle this huge thing.  ATM I don't have a
mud and nor the will to get a MUD started so I love to work on stuff to
submit back to the circlemud community.  So e-mail me if you are


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> Patrick Dughi writes:
> >
> >         If you would like to avoid this, you have a few options:
> >
> >                 ascii pfiles.
> >                 separate all pfiles into individual binary files.
> ... or my favorite (for the criminally insane):  SQL
> I wrote a thin SQL abstraction layer if anyone else wants to do the
> same...  it dosn't work for all types of commands yet but you can
> exec anything and get columns out of rows.
> currently it's setup to connect to a postgresql database, but it's
> trivial to convert to any SQL database that has a C library interface.
> (there's a link to it)
> concept is my classless/levelless mud, which is up to the... loading
> room names/numbers/descriptions/exits from SQL stage.  (first stage of
> Most of my experiments are on my (infrequently online) stock circle...
> I havn't tried integrating SQL into circle directly, since this requires
> a rewrite of the way the runtime DB handles objects, so I havn't tried to
> implement it in stock circle.   It's a good project for an experienced
> coder, though.
> You might get away with a varchar field containing a comma delimited
> list of item numbers a player has loaded, or some other string
> representation of items.  ex: "5,3(2,2,2,3(4,4),8),9" where 3 is a
> bag and 2 is something like a ration.
> --Dan
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