Re: [CODE] Multiple dimension arrays & binary delimiters

From: Dan Merillat (
Date: 04/12/00

Patrick Dughi writes:
>         If you would like to avoid this, you have a few options:
>                 ascii pfiles.
>                 separate all pfiles into individual binary files.

... or my favorite (for the criminally insane):  SQL

I wrote a thin SQL abstraction layer if anyone else wants to do the
same...  it dosn't work for all types of commands yet but you can
exec anything and get columns out of rows.

currently it's setup to connect to a postgresql database, but it's
trivial to convert to any SQL database that has a C library interface. (there's a link to it)

concept is my classless/levelless mud, which is up to the... loading
room names/numbers/descriptions/exits from SQL stage.  (first stage of boot)

Most of my experiments are on my (infrequently online) stock circle...

I havn't tried integrating SQL into circle directly, since this requires
a rewrite of the way the runtime DB handles objects, so I havn't tried to
implement it in stock circle.   It's a good project for an experienced
coder, though.

You might get away with a varchar field containing a comma delimited
list of item numbers a player has loaded, or some other string
representation of items.  ex: "5,3(2,2,2,3(4,4),8),9" where 3 is a
bag and 2 is something like a ration.


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