Re: weapon profs revisited

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/12/00

> Such a peculiar blend of sarcasm and kindness.  I'm overwhelmed.
> Though a simple yes would have done( i was already ninety percent
> sure) i am overly warmed by your gesture.  thanks

        Heh. It is a yes, aside. As you already realized, if you know your
stuff, the _code_ is the ultimate documentation. RTFC (which is usually
not a mean thing to say, btw).

        I'm just curious, how do people out there maintain decent uptimes?
After taking over a mud from someone else, and having continual daily
additions by myself as well as three others, I've focused on mainly
large-scale error catching.. making error-tolerable systems, though I
don't think the uptime has yet to succeed in making it a week in quite a
while.  Of course, we're also a 'live' system, with around 30 players or
so during busy hours, more normally between 8 and 20, so the system is
being constantly 'tested'.

        Speaking of error-tolerable systems - the lack of them is the one
and only thing that I find seriously wrong with circlemud.  The entire
setup (aside from the inclusion of George's buffer code) is set up to fold
like a card house.  Much of it has to do with the dependancies upon the
lists, and a decent amount upon a sort of passive coding technique... hard
to explain that one.. hm...letsee..
        Part of a coder's responsibility is to fix bugs.  A good
programmer will fix the bug twice.  Once to fix the bug, and once more to
make sure it never happens again.  Alot of circle makes assumptions - like
that everything handed to parse_act() will be valid data, or that no one
would be stupid enough to remove a link in a list while you're in the
process of traversing the list.  It is true that in the majority of
situations (and especially with stock code) that this will rarely be an
issue, however, the first thing someone does when they get a circlemud is
alter it.

        I didn't see any banter about the moblist patch that I put out
recently, so I'm just curious if I'm the only hero for this cause.  It
seems to me that keeping the codebase as robust as possible - keeping your
mud from crashing in essense - should be a very important issue.


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