weapon profs revisited

From: Christopher Daly (snaga@mail.thewolvesden.net)
Date: 04/12/00

hi everyone:

I'm still working on the groundwork for my custom weapon profs
system.  Specifically still working on a way for the code to know
which skill to check based on the wielded weapon.

Someone (i accidentally deleted the email, but thanks) responded
that one of the weapon values is unused.  i looked in oedit.c and
found this:

     * This doesn't seem to be used if I remembe right.
    SEND_TO_Q("Modifier to Hitroll : ", d);

Choosing to be thourough, i checked it all out, and couldn't find any
use of value 0 for weapon type.

My question is:
Am i correct, can i usurp that variable for my own purposes (basically
as a weapon type variable, so i can tell the game which skill to check)
without nasty repurcussions?

thanks in advance
Snaga of perp

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