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Date: 04/12/00

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> Choosing to be thourough, i checked it all out, and couldn't find any
>  use of value 0 for weapon type.
>  My question is:
>  Am i correct, can i usurp that variable for my own purposes (basically
>  as a weapon type variable, so i can tell the game which skill to check)
>  without nasty repurcussions?

Well, after looking through the handy-dandy documentation INCLUDED with
Circle, I found this in building.txt in the doc directory:

WEAPON (Type Flag 5)

        value 0: unused   <------------------------------  Look Right Here
        value 1: Number of damage dice
        value 2: Size of damage dice
        value 3: Weapon type for damage messages, one of:
                  0    hit/hits
                  1    sting/stings

While I currently believe that the best way to help a coder is to point them
in the right direction, I hope that by showing you what your looking for and
telling you where I got it, you'll take the initiative to read that (and
other included documentation) more thoroughly.

 I hope that that answers your question about it being unused.


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