Re: [CODE] different method of mana regen

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/12/00

> > Just as a sidenote to this:  I would highly suggest that you add more
> > slots for object values when your MUD is relatively young,

> I agree - I use 6 slots and don't have any immediate plans for using
> more, but can trivially imagine uses for more.  It would be nice to see
> the stock code up the number to at least 6, just for future expansion
> (and the extra two can be immediately used by potions and scrolls!).

 This is silly.  The stock code base was written to be expandable.

Many muds don't need more than 4 slots.  This is like the bitvector
problem - half the spells newbie coders end up writing set bitvectors
which are only used for one or two spells, in a small set of very specific
circumstances.  In these cases, it's easy to just write a function to see
if a given _spell_ is cast on a person, not that they're afflicted with a
given event.

        In anycase though, you can increase the number of slots with ease
- even support arbitrairy different co-existing values.
  int i[20];
  bzero(i,(sizeof(int) * 20);
  scanf(incoming_buffer,"%d %d %d %d ....etc);

     instead of giving an error when you read

  if((j=scanf(inc_buf,"%d %d %d %d",i,i+1,i+2,i+3)) !=4) {
    sprintf(buf,"Only got %d arguments - expected 4\r\n",j);

> I'd also like to see the number of skills and spells available in stock
> increased.  Say, room for 200 spells and 100 skills (currently 130 and
> 70).  But then, I did languages as standard skills, and with each
> language taking up a skill slot, I run out quickly.  I'm sure there are
> much better ways to do languages, so most people won't run into the
> skill problem, but the spells are another ball park entirely...
        What? There's a problem changing the NUM_SPELLS,
MAX_NUM_SKILLS/etc macro definitions?  Can't you just _do_ that?


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