Re: [CODE] different method of mana regen

From: Edward J Glamkowski (
Date: 04/11/00

> Just as a sidenote to this:  I would highly
> suggest that you add more slots for object
> values when your MUD is relatively young,

I agree - I use 6 slots and don't have any
immediate plans for using more, but can
trivially imagine uses for more.

It would  be nice to see the stock code up
the number to at least 6, just for future
expansion (and the extra two can be immediately
used by potions and scrolls!).

I'd also like to see the number of skills
and spells available in stock increased.
Say, room for 200 spells and 100 skills
(currently 130 and 70).  But then, I did
languages as standard skills, and with each
language taking up a skill slot, I run out
quickly.  I'm sure there are much better
ways to do languages, so most people won't
run into the skill problem, but the spells
are another ball park entirely...

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