Shield Damage

From: Shawn Kimbley (
Date: 04/18/00

I'm trying to add a shield spell that does damage to the attacker if he hits
the victim.  In this case it's called Ice Shield, so I added an AFF_ISHIELD to
check against and am having problems figuring out where to place it in fight.c.
Currently I have it in void hit() right below where it figures that you've hit
the enemy. This is the snip of code i'm using to check and apply the damage:

    if (AFF_FLAGGED(victim, AFF_ISHIELD) && dam >= 1) {
    temp = number(1, GET_LEVEL(victim));
    damage(victim, ch, temp, SPELL_ICE_SHIELD);
          sprintf(buf, "(&R%d Damage&n)\r\n ", temp);
          send_to_char(buf, ch);

Currently nothing happens, I added in the messages to the messages file as
well.  Any suggestions on where I should place this, or is my check just

Thanks in advance


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