Re: Shield Damage

From: Lavrenty (
Date: 04/19/00

Wednesday, April 19, 2000, Shawn wrote:

SK> I'm trying to add a shield spell that does damage to the attacker if he hits
SK> the victim.  In this case it's called Ice Shield, so I added an AFF_ISHIELD to
SK> check against and am having problems figuring out where to place it in fight.c.
SK> Currently I have it in void hit() right below where it figures that you've hit
    In that place (RIGHT below), your check will be always false because dam = 0;
SK>     if (AFF_FLAGGED(victim, AFF_ISHIELD) && dam >= 1) {
   You'll need to place your code in hit() after calculate all damage.

    /* at least 1 hp damage min per hit */
    dam = MAX(1, dam);

--> + check against SHIELD

    if (type == SKILL_BACKSTAB) {
      dam *= backstab_mult(GET_LEVEL(ch));

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ћдаа.. хорошие были когда то ориджины. *sigh*

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