From: Caniffe (
Date: 04/30/00


> Here's how I plan on doing it:
> Go through interpreter.c and add new commands.
> Add code in act.wizard.c for new commands.
> Add code elsewhere in MUD to allow for OLCing of stuff.

Offering a little more help, head to:

and download a package.  There are essentially two differing versions of OLC -
one is OasisOLC, which is a menu-based editing system.  It's last 'stable'
release was 2.0.

The other is Obuild, which is a command line editing system.  It's last
'stable' release was .08

Both are in my view, good packages to use and to install.  Just read the readme
files for further information about which will suit your needs better.
Julian "Caniffe" Buckley

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