Re: Oasis OLC for bpl17

From: Minturn.Del.PRC.Oceana (Del@PRCOceana.Corona.Navy.Mil)
Date: 05/03/00

First note:
People get all sorts of different errors (even the experts) due to MANY
Patches almost NEVER go in without any problems. (that's one of the main
reasons the experts say to patch it by hand)

Lastly, when posting about a problem, the best thing you can do
is post as much information about the error, what you did to
attempt a fix, etc.
Error: (what is it)
Code: (post the relevent sections of code, NOT THE WHOLE FILE)
T/S: (What you did to find the solution. i.e. check the archives,
      change the code to attempt fixes.)

At this point not a single person can help you without more information.

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I solved som errors i got when trying to compile circlemud after patching
Oasis into it, but i just cant make it compile, i think something is really
wrong with the patch, i have red the readme about it and been doing exactly
as it says, but still i cant compile... Anyone that is having the same

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