Crash in redit_setup_new?

From: Melleth (
Date: 05/03/00

Hi all,

 This one has me beaten!  I use Oasis OLC 1.5 and DG Scripts 5 (ish).  This
is from an MSVC 6 build, but the problem can be seen on a linux box as well,
and a cygwin compile ......

I get a constant crash as soon as a new room is made with Oasis OLC.  As
soon as the room is saved internally, the mud goes down at this line ..

      switch (type) {
         case MOB_TRIGGER:
            sc = SCRIPT((char_data *) go);
         case OBJ_TRIGGER:
            sc = SCRIPT((obj_data *) go);
         case WLD_TRIGGER:
                sc = SCRIPT((struct room_data *) go);  <---- CRASH

Backtrace :

script_driver() line 2385 + 3 bytes
trig_wait_event() line 538 + 19 bytes
event_process() line 100 + 14 bytes
heartbeat() line 913
game_loop() line 887 + 27 bytes
init_game() line 404 + 9 bytes
main() line 364 + 10 bytes

Here is some debug info from that line, the cmd part looks not very nice,
but the script that causes the crash is never the same and looks fine.

        go      0x00cc5220
+       trig    0x012e2840
        type    2
        mode    1
+       cmd     0x0012f6b4
+       cl      0xcccccccc
        ret_val 1
+       temp    0xcccccccc
+       sc      0x00000000
        loops   0
        depth   1
+       p       0xcccccccc ""

I cannot for the life of me get back far enough into the code to deduce what
is causing this crash.  Has anyone any idea where I can start looking to get
this fixed please?

 Thanks for your help,

Melleth of DreamScapesMUD

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