[NEWBIE] Playerlist not being saved

From: Will Asche (wka6114@ritvax.isc.rit.edu)
Date: 05/03/00

I am running Circle bpl 17 with OasisOLC bpl 17 on a RedHat 6.1 box, and I
did have a problem with the 'max_playing' which I believe I fixed. However,
I am now having the following two problems:

After I wipe the playerlist, all the .objs files and everything related to
the players, the first character into the game is NOT automagically made the
IMP. I have gotten arround this by writing a small command 'upme' to up my
char to IMP, and I found that I am ID 0, instead of 1, like the document I
found the 'upme' function on said it would. I was wondering if this might
have something to do with it.

Second, after I play the mud for a little while and issue the command
'shutdown die' to terminate the mud, it goes down fine. However, even if I
immediately restart it and login, my character does not exist and I have
watched the program load, and it still creates the playlist. Every time.

The only other changes I have made to the MUD are to add two races, but the
races don't have anything special about them, they're just there, and seem
to work fine.

Anyone know why this may be?

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