Re: [NEWBIE] Playerlist not being saved

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/04/00

> I am running Circle bpl 17 with OasisOLC bpl 17 on a RedHat 6.1 box, and I
> did have a problem with the 'max_playing' which I believe I fixed. However,
> I am now having the following two problems:
> After I wipe the playerlist, all the .objs files and everything related to
> the players, the first character into the game is NOT automagically made the
> IMP. I have gotten arround this by writing a small command 'upme' to up my
> char to IMP, and I found that I am ID 0, instead of 1, like the document I
> found the 'upme' function on said it would. I was wondering if this might
> have something to do with it.
> Second, after I play the mud for a little while and issue the command
> 'shutdown die' to terminate the mud, it goes down fine. However, even if I
> immediately restart it and login, my character does not exist and I have
> watched the program load, and it still creates the playlist. Every time.
> The only other changes I have made to the MUD are to add two races, but the
> races don't have anything special about them, they're just there, and seem
> to work fine.
        This almost sounds like you have ascii player files installed.
The normal binary pfiles don't have a playerlist, only a single player
file.  Assuming this is the file you mean by 'playerlist', go into db.c,
and verify the following pieces of code exist:

long top_idnum = 0;                /* highest idnum in use */
int top_of_p_table = 0;            /* ref to top of table           */
if (top_of_p_table == 0) {
  GET_EXP(ch) = 7000000;

  ch->points.max_hit = 500;
  ch->points.max_mana = 100;
  ch->points.max_move = 82;

player_table[i].id = GET_IDNUM(ch) = ++top_idnum;

        You should also look through your patch file for similar lines, to
see if (and why) they've potentially been altered/removed.

        You should also go through your src directory and look for .rej
files - chances are something didn't patch in if you're having all these


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