Re: Names?

From: Dean Vaughan (
Date: 05/03/00

if isname(ch, "Bob")) {



-- Dean

> I'm trying to write a command similar to upme but for my builders.  Since
there are only 5 of us total it would be nice to have a command that would
set their level and OLC status with a simple command rather than myself
screwing up the pfile when I don't use the converter correctly..
> The level and OLC status is no problem, but how could I check against a
players' name?
> i.e. if (GET_NAME(ch) == "name") {
> ?? This doesn't work, as it just sets the players name to whatever is in
the quotes :) heh.  ID numbers wouldn't work post pwipe.  Any ideas or
experience with this?
> Thanks in advance
> Whatley

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