[NEWBIE] Oasis OLC for bpl17

From: Isac Jinton (toxez@extra.netlink.se)
Date: 05/04/00

Look, ive been trying this for very long time now, to get Oasis OLC v2.0 into my mud... Im using circle bpl 17 on a slakware 7.0 computer. I red the OLC help file and it says i should copy all the things in the olc dir named /src to my src directory in my mud dir, ok, i did that, no problemas yet. Then it said i should run ./configure and then make in the src directory, here is the problem, it wont compile because it says: Makefile:28: *** Missing separator, Stop
or something like that, i know why, that Makefile is looking exactly as the Makefile.in looks in the OLC src directory, and when i configured the real Makefile became Makefile.in and it sure doesnt looks like a Makefile should... The problem on line 28 in the Makefile is that there isnt any red thingys in the left, thats gone... but thats not the only problem,  the makefile wouldent do anything i think... because it doesnt look like the original Makefile at all...

Now i wonder how i could make it compile, should i put in the extra olc files in the original Makefile somehow, because i dont want it too look like Makefile.in, what does Makefile.in do anyway?

Maybe you cant understand what i really mean, but i cant explain it any other way... i would really like some help here... :-)


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