Re: [NEWBIE] Oasis OLC for bpl17

From: Isac Jinton (
Date: 05/04/00

Hello Patric, sorry about not using periods :-)
Well if i use the patch i get alot of errors, i can fix them, but later in the code when it comes to the olc files i get like 25 lines of things that i think isnt defined in the code, very strange. And i dont know how to fix it, but thank you :-)

> > Hello Look, ive been trying this for very long time now, to get Oasis
> > OLC v2.0 into my mud... Im using circle bpl 17 on a slakware 7.0
> > computer. I red the OLC help file and it says i should copy all the
> > things in the olc dir named /src to my src directory in my mud dir, ok,
> > i did that, no problemas yet.
>         Wow. I'd have thought it was a patch, but - hey - don't look at
> me, I haven't ever installed this piece of code.  But if you just copy
> things over, you're destroying all your previously existing files.  That's
> mostly likely bad.
> > Then it said i should run ./configure and then make in the src
> > directory, here is the problem, it wont compile because it says:
> > Makefile:28: *** Missing separator, Stop or something like that, i know
> > why, that Makefile is looking exactly as the looks in the
> > OLC src directory, and when i configured the real Makefile became
> > and it sure doesnt looks like a Makefile should... The
> > problem on line 28 in the Makefile is that there isnt any red thingys in
> > the left, thats gone... but thats not the only problem, the makefile
> > wouldent do anything i think... because it doesnt look like the original
> > Makefile at all...
>         Okay, I am not the source for grammar or spelling, but there are
> these things in english called 'periods'.  They delineate a sentance.  You
> must use them, or you will be beaten.
>         The 'missing separator' means that you didn't put in a tab
> previous to issuing a command in your makefile.  An example:
> mynewfile.c: mynewfile.c mynewfile.h conf.h sysdep.h otherfiles.h
>         $(CC) $(CFLAGS) myfile.c
> ^^^^^^^^ this part is not 8 spaces, but a tab.  You have to put a tab in
> there.  You would have found this problem immediately if you would have
> searched the circlemud archives - the link can be found by reading the faq
> referenced at the bottom of this letter.
> >
> > Now i wonder how i could make it compile, should i put in the extra olc
> > files in the original Makefile somehow, because i dont want it too look
> > like, what does do anyway?
> >
>         I don't even know the state of your system after copying over
> several files, but I can tell you what does. is
> your initial copy of your Makefile.  Configure determines what your system
> setup is and modifies your Makefile to make it work for your system.  If
> you add source files, or make changes to your system you want to keep
> around, you almost always want to add them to your as well as
> your Makefile.  That way, if you ever re-reun configure, your Makefile
> will be properly created.
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