Re: Justice System

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 05/06/00

In the MUD I was doing were were changing a lot of things to make it harder
to do 'illegal' things.  Such as: known theifs would be kicked out of
stores, anyone wielding a weapon (like a broadsword.  Smaller weapon's had
a chance of being caught but were not always..) in the town would be
attacked by guards and would be kicked out of stores,  a "stockyard" (much
like being frozen except the character could speak just not move or
emote..) for repeat offenders, Assassin's which could be hired, all kinds
of stuff.  It never got tested with players because we ended up writing our
own base code, but it really wasn't overly hard to implement that kind of
        Also we had an "Immortal" level called Judges.  Judges were Immortals in
the sense they could not be killed but they had all power over any
'offenses'.  So if a player had a serious complaint that couldn't be
handled by other players they went to court.  Court was open to the public
and the judge could 'supeana' other players (it was a hack of the summon
        I can't really think of the other  things we had but these are just some

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