Re: CODE object-prototype seperation

From: Damian Jurzysta (
Date: 05/05/00

 ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is)
Hello Patrick.

On 06-Maj-00, you wrote:

PD>> snip about wanting unique objects<
PD>        Anyway, after that if you want to oedit on a single object, just
PD> get the 'iedit' patch.  I've been told it does not patch cleanly into
PD> bpl17+O-OLC2.0, but it should be a trivial matter to step though the patch
PD> by hand since it's just a second interface to oedit functions.

actually, the problem is how to save the iedited object, the changing pointers method doesn't seem to be working as it should with oasis 2.0.

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