CODE object-prototype seperation

From: Stephen Miller (
Date: 05/05/00

Lets say you have basically oasis olc, *we have tweaked it slighty, nothing
signifigant*.  you use oedit to create object foo with foo for keynames "a
short foo" for a short name, etc...  Then you give the object to the
player.  If you go back to oedit and change the stats on the object, every
foo object in the world is changed.  However what I want is the object to
be stored in the players pfile.  Like copying the object by value, and then
being able to edit the value of the object on the player, or the object
vnum with oedit.  In this manner the creation of an object is just a new
object with values from the number copied to the object.  a player saves
and the object is saved to the players pfile.  if it loads in a room, its
not saved if the mud shuts, etc...

I was wondering if there is a patch for this, I know stock merc comes with
features like this, however circle was definately the code base we needed
to start with.  It is being done in slackware, if distribution matters.  We
also use ascii, and the latest version of circle bpl17, with what I believe
is the oasis made for that version.  We could probably switch it back to
binary pfiles easily, or adapt a snippet to write it to something.  Anyone
know of the location of such a snippet? To give me a rough idea of how its
done?  its better than groping blind :)


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