Re: CODE object-prototype seperation

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/05/00

                >snip about wanting unique objects<
> I was wondering if there is a patch for this.

        Yes. Two actually, that are related.  The first is xapobjs1.1? i
think is the latest version.  Apparently it patches in cleanly with bpl17
+ OasisOLC2.0.  This does two things - makes saved object files ascii
files, and allows you to save any item in the game as a unique object by
setting one flag on it (UNIQUE).  I used it on mail originally but works
for anything.  Make sure that you examine the mailing list archives for
'xapobj' and 'bug' though - I don't remember if there was a crash bug in
the last incarnation or not.  I think there was one having to do with
loading items from zones which were removed.

        Anyway, after that if you want to oedit on a single object, just
get the 'iedit' patch.  I've been told it does not patch cleanly into
bpl17+O-OLC2.0, but it should be a trivial matter to step though the patch
by hand since it's just a second interface to oedit functions.


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