Re: CODE object-prototype seperation

From: George Greer (
Date: 05/05/00

On Fri, 5 May 2000, Stephen Miller wrote:

>Lets say you have basically oasis olc, *we have tweaked it slighty, nothing
>signifigant*.  you use oedit to create object foo with foo for keynames "a
>short foo" for a short name, etc...  Then you give the object to the
>player.  If you go back to oedit and change the stats on the object, every
>foo object in the world is changed.

Only the strings are.  Saving to disk already stores the other interesting

>I was wondering if there is a patch for this, I know stock merc comes
>with features like this, however circle was definately the code base we
>needed to start with.  It is being done in slackware, if distribution
>matters.  We also use ascii, and the latest version of circle bpl17, with
>what I believe is the oasis made for that version.  We could probably
>switch it back to binary pfiles easily, or adapt a snippet to write it to
>something.  Anyone know of the location of such a snippet? To give me a
>rough idea of how its done?  its better than groping blind :)

Don't xapobjs do this?  PjD wrote it, I know it ASCII-izes the objects, but
I think it also allows unique items.  You'd have to check though.

George Greer

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