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Date: 05/06/00

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>         Actually, I think this is a great topic for the list in general.
> Muds everywhere lack a sense of justice.  Assume we take a mud which
> hasn't tackeled the subject, we have people running through the town
> killing the town guards and stealing from the townspeople.  If we have
> player-killing allowed, there are daily duels in the main courtyard
> outside the player load/recall room.  Then 'justice' turns into groups of
> people who dislike groups of other people.  It's unrealistic, or unfair.
> Has anyone found a good balance on this?
On my hobby mud I was toying with a few ideas that are yet to be implimented.
But was going to try them out.
My mud will have PK, and this is one of the reasons I was going to dabble with
Making available a list of rentable assassins to the masses, ranging in price
and bad-assed ness (I think there is already a snippet to do this..I haven't
looked at it). So the populous of the mud can take some justice into their own
hands. A group of poor low levels can pool money to put an assassin on a high
level PKiller. I was going to add a slot to the saved data (ascii pfiles here)
to give the vnum of the assassin trailing them, and a flag to say they were
being hunted.. no logging off or reboots could shake this guy until the two met
in confrontation.
Another step was to look at things that were 'against the law' in the town.. to
start with things like killing guards, shopkeepers, getting caught stealing,
would increase an added stat 'notoriety' or 'infamy' if it gets too high, the
town guards start busting chops.. the mayor (or the visier in my mud) would
post a wanted sign on a public board..
If the guards weren't tough enough, and notoriety went too high, they load up
(for want of a better word) a 'mega-bad-assed guard' who would have Mercy
added.  Once if the player is beaten senseless, they are put in a prison zone.
with no eq (eq being stored elsewhere in the zone) they can fight their way
out.. or plan a sneak escape..

These were *some* ideas I was tossing around with the guys I was going to build
the mud with.. none are imp'd. Feel free to toss the ideas around and code to
your hearts content. I think these ideas are feasible, or I would have thrown
them away long ago.

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