R: [CIRCLE] [ADMIN-CODE] Simple Distance code question

From: razor (drbwana@tin.it)
Date: 05/09/00

>     Simple recursive question.
>     I've been pondering over the use of distance
in circle, in regards to
> things like (but not limited to) communication.
> [snip]
>     Hmm. i hope this all made sence?
>     One way to find out =)
>     *click send*
> -PK-
Try to read the "uhm i don't remember his name
maybe Tanenbaum or Dijkstra" algoritm for finding
the shortest route beetween host in a
point-to-point network. It's very easy to learn,
to implement and to execute. With a little hack
you'll transform in a powerful toolfor "routing"
Greetings from Italy...
PS: uhm... he should be Dijkstra.... maybe not =)

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