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Hello again.
    Another question that has been on my mind for a while was the use of the
TRACKING code that comes with circle.

I'm using it for mobs that HUNT DOWN people in it's MEMORY LIST. Eg. u hit a
mob, and it remembers, then hunt.

The other coder and I were talking about how the stock code handles the
*finding the shortest path* the victim, and basically he we agreed that it
has to parse through all the rooms.

Well, we have over 15,000 rooms. So if we apply this to a few mobs (lets say
50, if there were around that many annoyed mobs and nearly that many
players), wouldn't this get a wee bit CPU intensive?

Wouldn't there be a better method to FIND the shortest path to a victim ?
And secondly, what about terrain? can that be thrown in to the equation? eg.
WEIGHTS to get their now - sorta like the Travelling salesman problem way
back in the uni days .. *cringe and smile*

Hope to hear from you guru's out there.

*listens carefully*.



The code that I'm considering making for tracking and allowing it to be used
by players also is to have players unknowingly create "footprint" objects as
they leave rooms.  The objects can have info like race, size, weight,
direction in them and based on the skill of the tracker can gather the info
and take appropriate action.  The footprint objects would have a TIMER on
them and you could put in some code to decrease the timer due to weather,
terrain, etc.  The footprint objects would normally not be visible except to
someone with the tracking skill and then maybe only when using the skill
(since it tends to slow people down when they are trying to track).

This code is a few projects away, so don't wait for me to produce it.  Have
a blast and make your own version.  The possibilities are endless.  Let me
know what you come up with!

Best regards,

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