[ADMIN-CODE] Track code theory question.

From: Pure Krome (pure@bluep.com)
Date: 05/09/00

Hello again.
    Another question that has been on my mind for a while was the use of the
TRACKING code that comes with circle.

I'm using it for mobs that HUNT DOWN people in it's MEMORY LIST. Eg. u hit a
mob, and it remembers, then hunt.

The other coder and I were talking about how the stock code handles the
*finding the shortest path* the victim, and basically he we agreed that it
has to parse through all the rooms.

Well, we have over 15,000 rooms. So if we apply this to a few mobs (lets say
50, if there were around that many annoyed mobs and nearly that many
players), wouldn't this get a wee bit CPU intensive?

Wouldn't there be a better method to FIND the shortest path to a victim ?
And secondly, what about terrain? can that be thrown in to the equation? eg.
WEIGHTS to get their now - sorta like the Travelling salesman problem way
back in the uni days .. *cringe and smile*

Hope to hear from you guru's out there.

*listens carefully*.


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